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Thread: Starcraft Problems!

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    Hi when i run starcraft on my cd-rom... it goes very fast you can tell by the sound..."VERRRMMMM!!!' and when i try to goto multiplayer.... it stays "connectiong to the fastest server." it just freezes there... if im lucky it goes through... but mostly it just stays like that.... while the starcraft cd is spinning like crazy... you tell by the sound... and when i play.... it still the same...! HELP WTF! "VERRMMM!"

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    check here, and look for freeze up problems. If that doesn't work, try to talk to them on their forum.
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    does ur pc meet its required specs?

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    that happens to me sometimes, but my computer doesnt frezee. That happens like when i lose my connection in the game and it kicks me off right after i leave or finish the game, then i try to log back on but it gets stuck on that connection so i just restart my pc and it fixes it!
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    isn't this game kind of old, I mean i played the game and loved it when it came out maybe u should download brood war or something


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