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Thread: Google pisses me off. Any other search engine I should try?

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    I use a GM script like Google Real Link. It convent the search results too plain links instead too all this re-direct shit.

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    Tracking removal, infinite scrolling and multi columns
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    Yahoo? lmao

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    The real problem with using Google is that the company profiles you, and then tailors the search results on the basis of that profile, as well as whatever advertisers have paid them to promote their links. This may very well be what you want, but most likely it isn't.

    As a concrete example of where profiling works against you, consider that whenever you go to airline sites looking for tickets, you should use private browsing and disable cookies. If you do not, then the airline website will track whatever destination ticket you are interested in, and on a subsequent return, if you perform that search again, they will show a higher price, because you've already demonstrated interest, and by virtue of the fact that you are performing the search again, the assumption is that you have yet to purchase a ticket, which makes you increasingly "price inelastic", i.e. as your trip date approaches you are increasingly likely to pay a higher price to secure transport. If you can disable whatever the websites are using to track you ( cookies, flash data, etc. ), then you will see the true price that the market is willing to bear (i.e. in general, as perishable goods get closer to their expiry dates, they should get cheaper, not more expensive ).
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    What do you think about Bing vs Google? I don't use it much but I started advertising on it recently and get higher click through rates than on Google, so there is clearly a difference in the type of person who uses Bing vs Google. I think they are older and more affluent from what I understand, not sure why though.

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    I'm starting to like bing a lot, it seems to be informative and more for research.

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    Bing's image search is the best. Search results formatting takes a while to get used to but it's seems pretty accurate to me.

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    Bing is nice, i use it alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travo1 View Post
    Bing is nice, i use it alot.
    Use it to look up "alot". Go ahead, we've got time...
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    There is often confusion over the words alot, a lot and allot.
    I read that much, and teh confusion overwhelmed me. I dont like to think alot.

    (okay, okay, it isnt a win)

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