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Thread: Self Extracting Exe?

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    I have over 1000 (1557 to be exact, 5.83Gb ) software titles I would like to add to my shared folder. The problem is that each software title is in it's own folder. Each folder contains the setup exe, readme file, nfo file, and patch, crack, keygen etc. To include the contents of each folder in one upload, the folder needs to be zipped or compressed into a self extracting exe. Here in lies the problem. I am looking for software that will batch convert these folders for me, not into one giant file (could you imagine ), but individual zip files or exe's for each folder. I have software that will compress one folder at a time, but I haven't the Patience for that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

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    I use Windows Commander (Total Commander now) and zip all folder by hand.... don't know if any of software do this for you by self...

    if you wish convert to .exe just rename it to .exe and total commander will take care of .exe headers by self... it's very simple (hope that you understand what I'm saying here)... my english is in big mess.......

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    That is alot of games to be sharing. I love people that share, but with that many software files it could put you at risk for Mediaforce or some other "group of chickenshits like RIAA only for software" to be down on your ass. Sorry for the post not helping you with your question.


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