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Thread: Radio Stations

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    Hi. I have downloaded gta3 along with the game fix. it all works perfectly expect for the radio stations. the mp3 section but the radio stations dont work. does anyone know how to make them work or if i need to download a file where to get it.

    Thanking you in Advance

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    Well you downloaded the "rip" version, wich "rips" out those songs. The files in that folder are replacements, little files that trick the game into thinking that the songs are there.

    If you want the songs, your gonna have to download the bin and cues, or ISO's(cd images of the game, gta 3 has 2 cds). You can find em on kazaa, but you might want to try and bittorrent. I remember a while back seeing something about both cd images on kazaa. Though if you download them from kazaa, there is the possibilty of coruption. I sugest trying suprnova.


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