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Thread: Have You Ever Heard Of This Happening?

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    I have been beta testing a game called Horizons.
    Since the old axiom software sells hardware is true, I decided to tweak my system.

    Today the part arived.

    Old specs:
    Ge-Force 2 64mb
    384 CPU ram

    New Specs:
    Ge-Force FX 5200 256 MB
    1024 CPU ram.

    Knowing that a lot of good systems out there were having a hard time running this game smoothly I wasn't expecting anything jaw dropping. However, I certainly wasn't expecting ANYTHING WORSE!

    My old specs use to run the game at a playable rate. Nothing great, low settings and I could run it in windows mode but just barley (music would get choppy with lower FPS). Now keeping the in game settings the way they were (low) and adding my new hardware, it is nearly unplayable. The music is choppy, lower FPS, and the animations no longer walk they slide. AHH!

    The only thing keeping me from crying myself to sleep is that I tested my system with the final fantasy bench mark before and after my adjustments.

    The higher the score the better.

    Prior to the upgrades it scored a 795 in hi-rez mode
    After it scored a 1578 in hi-rez.

    So the increase in performance is there its just not showing up in horizons.

    Anyone heard of something like this?
    I hope it just needs some video card adjustments, since this damn card has so many settings.

    Any FX users have any suggestions. What to put video settings on, anti-aliasing settings, anisotropic, whatever the hell that is.

    I tried just putting them all to the highest settings, and I think that made it worse.

    I know the FX 5200 is a crappy card and the geforce 4Ti can out preform it, but i didn't think my old 64 MB geforce 2 could out preform it.

    To say the least I am confused.

    Prior to and after the upgrade i am running direct x 9.0b
    I have the latest 52.16 nvidia drivers.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Another thing that now happens which never did which may help me trouble shoot this problem.

    When the system is stress all the icon on the desktop including the mouse pointer can begin to shutter. Flashing on and off like there refresh rate was super poor.

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    i would say the problem is with the game, being a beta and all - incompatibility with the new card possibly, try using the old card
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    Is there a way to test if my memory sucks.

    The memory has registered on my system as a gig.

    But is that it? I just have to have faith that it is work properly and not contributing to any of the crashes?

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    It could also be the drivers for the video card.

    Download the latest ones from and see if it helps.

    IF that doesnt work try using older drivers but just as DarthInsinuate said its probably the game.

    If you cant get it to work anybetter, send the game developers an emial and let them know whats happening.

    Beta testing sounds like fun

    I would like to look for bugs and incompatibility (shyte is that the correct word ??) problems

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    no i have the latest drivers.


    I just spent about 140 bucks on this memory and I can't tell if it is doing anything and it may be screwing things up.

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    Have you tried running PC Mark 2002?

    It will benchtest your memory (among other things).
    I would try putting your old memory in and then testing.
    Then add your new memory and retest.
    Then go into BIOS and adjust your memory timing till you max out your score.
    Then run a burn in test to verify stability.
    Then try your game.

    Then start drinking.
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