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Thread: Good Strategy Games Under 150mb

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    please post any recomendations here for any games under 150mb anything will do i suppose....

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    Feb 2003
    the original Red Alert

    proud to be american

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    serious sam
    italian job .... 111mb
    stronghold.... 128mb
    civilisation 3 ...129mb
    vietnam black ops 2....104mb
    age of empires 2..146mb
    age of empires + rise of rome.........48mb

    not all strategdy but these are a few and the file sizes on kazaa theres red faction aswell but thats bout 190mb still kinda good do what i did type myth rip or class rip and laeve it for a bit u should see loads

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    Originally posted by Jay@16 November 2003 - 17:43
    the original Red Alert
    my all time fav!!!!!


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