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Thread: New Happy Time Virus

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    Experts warn of "New Happy Time" computer virus

    Chinese experts have warned individuals and institutions of paying more attention to a computer virus called "New Happy Time".

    The virus, or "VBS_Redlof.A, VBS_KJ.A", which was first found in April 2002 and ranked the first among the top ten computer viruses in 2003 by the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center, has been spreading on the Internet and caused great damages, said Liang Hong, an expert with the center.

    The virus spreads through two e-mail systems of Microsoft, Outlook and Outlook Express. Virus-carrying e-mails had no attachment. When a computer was infected with the "New Happy Time", two files, folder.htt and desktop.htm would appear in the computer andmade many files lost.


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    thanks for the info sh, lucky for me i dont use a email client

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    Thanks for letting us know.

    Just an english version of the source: Source in English
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