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Thread: Matrix Revolutions

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    Maybe it's just me but all the different file types download at a snails pace and I haven't been able to get a sniff from the daduck link. Any genuine non-sneering advice that anybody can offer please?

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    I've been downloading that file for 2 days now, I've only gotten 110829 kb of 704674 kb ,there are just not very many sources available

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    Of course the great god of irony makes a liar of me. The daduck download is remotely queued now. It's a pain ain't it.

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    Hmph .
    use Bit Torrent .
    Beter Speeds .

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    Man you guys should be thanking your lucky stars!! I'm here on a 56K and haven't gotten more than 640 kb for that damn DaDuck release in a 3 days!!!

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    get it off bittorrent you get it so fast, and no waiting

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    he's right i got it about five hours


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