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Thread: Starcraft Nocd Crack

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    Does anyone know where to find a good one..? cause i all of them corrupted... if you do how to install it? and i want to play on aswell?

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    Can I suggest you pose the same question in GamesWorld.

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    Nope i tried that deadlinks, corrupted files

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    and to install it just download it then copy the exe file into the directory of the game and run the game by clicking on it also save the original exe file just in case

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    Wow, i am interested in that... i have the starcraft cd and can you be more specific? i want to know how to crack it..? without the cd =)

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    whats a directory? regestry? what? can you give me a screenshot what a directory looks like lol! sorry. i dont know much about a computer

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    I also love to play starcraft - I did one time one night long ;) -
    ok, as I read and tried then playing on battle net, it automatically updates
    to the latest version cause you need latest version of battle net to play there...
    ...and because the company blizzard has made a new game SC Ghost people
    said that it is no longer possible for SC User to connect to B.Net ;( So far
    as I read - I also searched for working B.Net 1.10 crack or something
    like this.

    But there óther free Servers: Blizzard also tried to forbid free servers made
    from ppl and other gamers... I will look up the link if you are interested...
    jsut pm me... there is also possibility to make your own server ;) and you
    and your friends can play on it ;) there is one for win98 ...

    ~nice dreams..


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