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Thread: Need Help With Bittorent Download Times Please

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    Im trying to download the Matrix Revolutions on Shadow's Experimental client, but it says i have 4 hours till its done. is this normal for movies, or is their a way to make it faster?

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    shirely you cant be serious with that question?even if you are new to the p2p system you must have some idea how the internet is and the speeds it can or cannot achieve and taking into consideration the sizes of most complete movies whether they be a cam recording or a dvd rip they will take time to dload...
    if it tkaes 4 hrs go do some shopping,mow the grass,watch it grow again,water it,tidy up your bedroom,do something for 4hrs and think youeself lucky compared to the dialup users....

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    3..4 hrs is great

    How long does it tak.....

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    i got matrix revolutions in 2 1/2

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    Yes it takes me three hours and that is very good. So don't complain about 4 hours because some peoples say 10 hours+


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