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Thread: Two Free Album Downloads

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    i just found these two free album downloads. the first is here and is an EP called "De Mysteriis Dom Skathanas". its a finnish punk/ska band it says. im going to check it out in a bit.

    quote from site:
    Sadly, this EP is sold out but you can download the songs and the cover images below and make your own copy...

    the other album i found is located here, and is a free compilation of 22 songs, all punk/ska/hardcore/whatever.

    quote from site:

    Here you can download free 22 songs by 12 various latvian hardcore/punk/ska bands, burn them to cd and print out covers, to create your own D.I.Y. copy of "HC.LV Compilation of latvian hc/punk/ska music".

    i will be checking these out later

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    i am listening to the ep by the band called "Evilsons" and it is in english. i would say anyone who likes punk/ska will enjoy this

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    Nice work Shiz

    Think we need to work on finding some different genres of free full albums

    Haven't found a free hard rock, rap, soul, RnB, or any other free albums since my last free album post, Midget fan club.

    Good stuff!

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    thanks gutter. as for the other genre, you can work on that as i am not about to waste my prescious time on rnb and rap


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