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  1. #1, private tracker, oldies but goldies material, open registration.

    In a world full of General/0Day torrent trackers, the BitTorrent community usually welcomes a specialty tracker with more enthusiasm. (ThT) is one such private tracker that focuses on a specific niche – oldies. By oldies we mean old movies, retro TV shows, good music, classic literature, etc. ThT project has been online for over one year, but due to different problems (host, source, foreign attacks), it had to start from scratch for three times. Currently, for over almost three months from the last opening, ThT is running without any problems, with almost 2000 users and with over 2000 torrents of old material. It’s not a revolutionary start but still a very healthy one, nevertheless. However, ThT does index some pretty rare content and some of you might even consider it a hidden gem. This and the fact that ratio is very easily maintained (as it is on KG), with majority of the torrents having a “promotion” (half, free, double), makes project a viable one for collectors and cult users alike. In case you consider to be one of them, registrations are currently open.

    What sets THT apart from the thousands of BitTorrent sites out there is its content. True, this is not the first tracker to specialize in oldies but at least it’s not another General/0Day torrent tracker. Anyway note that ThT has Romanian origins (.RO is banned from several popular private trackers but they sure do have a lot of torrent sites of their own). Naturally, it indexes a mix of both Romanian and English content. If you are looking to download English releases only, make sure to deselect the Romanian category (Romanian AudioBooks, Romanian Books, Romanian Film and Romanian Music) during a search. Screenshot below will reveal a part of the torrent index – this might give you a better understanding of what sort of content can be found on THT:

    Other than oldies but goldies content, ThT is hosting a marvellous forum (romanian & english only) with topics ranging from Cinema, Music, Televison and Literature to Recreation, StockExchange or Sport discussions. Also, on home page you will find a ShoutBox where comunity users and ThT Staff will be pleased to greet you and start a conversation on any topic you like. Also, ThT Staff has already gained a reputation for being one of the most cordial staff out there, being sensible and responsive to any problem you would have in ThT comunity. With five special designed themes (and counting), personalized emoticons, film staff names for users classes, VIP Lounge and Café Club forum, special contests, and much more, ThT project gives you planty of reasons to join us.

    According to site staff, open signups would continue until the site reaches the user limit of 10.000 members. So there is plenty of room for everyone! If you are interested, feel free to check us out. is online and active only for free culture and knowledge shearing!

    Site Name: (
    Signup URL:
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