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Thread: Azureus

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    OK i guess ill have to download it and try it. it looks like a damn good Java BitTorrent client if it works.

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    A little resources heavy but the second fastest client, after shadows of coarse

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    I have heard of people that said they like that client, but I didn't I stick with shawdow's

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    Azureus has a few things in favor of it:

    - You can prioritize files within a torrent. That way you can download only the files you want from a big collection torrent and don't have to d/l files you already have.

    - It has a built-in tracker, which you can activate and use as a maintracker or, which I do a lot, configure as a backup tracker, so that it's less likely there'll be tracker problems.

    - Built-in scrape function. It can get the number of seeders/peers directly from the tracker

    That being said I use both Azuereus and TorrentStorm
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    i found shadows was eating like 200~300MB RAM, which was killin me, so i switched to Azerus, which so far seems pretty damn good.

    also it saves the .torrent files for you; you dont need to right click>save as etc.
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    Originally posted by Gre1@18 November 2003 - 06:36
    I have heard of people that said they like that client, but I didn&#39;t I stick with shawdow&#39;s

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    i think this is the fastest and most efficient bitt client
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    Haven&#39;t tried it in a while, but it was definitly the nicest client so far, however, I got shit speeds with it (mentioned it in another thread). If it wasn&#39;t for that, I&#39;d definitly go with it. Saw they had released another update, will wait a while and try it out again.

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    Are there any english Shadows sites, Google is only pulling up sites in German

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