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Thread: What's Happening With Final Destination2?

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    what's happening with final destination2?

    the file is real, im sure of that...I check the file before hand with avi preview and it works fine.
    files sizes (part1 -- 135598kb; part2 93560kb)

    By the time the dowload has finished, the movie will not play (Black screen). I'm sure I've got the codec installed (as it worked in avi preview) but now it won't work.

    ANyone got any ideas? I've tried downloading it 3 times now -- I can't waste any more time on this !!

    Im sure it's not fake -- but has anyone actually watched this movie clearly?

    PLZ HELP!!

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    I have 2 ideas 4 u:
    1.Watch the file in Avi Preview (yes u can salect the file wich u d/l, and let it play ...).

    2.Try to get DivX anti freez samting like this maybe it will help ...


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