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Thread: Sharing A Printer?

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    i was wondering if its possible for me to share a printer w/ 2 computer. the printer is in my room along w/ my comp. and i was wondering if its possible for me to hook it up to the comp in my moms room wirelessly. like in a network. how would i go about doing this. or is it not possible.

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    you would need to get a router and hook both of the computers up to it, then you go to add printer wizard on your moms computer and it will be listed under your computer. you could not do it wirelessly unless you have a wireless router.
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    Are you networked already? Do you share a internet connection? If so, I would imagine that it would be relatively simple to share a printer (but I don't even have a printer so I could be very wrong).
    My Mom and Dad are set up on a "Home Network" to share their internet and I know that they share their printer.
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    i have not network the 2 comp yet. so in oreder to do it wirelessly i need

    1 wireless router
    2 wirelss nic card

    and what else?

    so if this is right i would buy those stuff, install the nic card into the 2 comp. the connect the router, and it should work right?

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