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Thread: Free Albums Download Sites

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    Since it seems myself and gutter have been finding/posting quite a few free album download sites lately, i think we need a topic. Below are sites that host/support free album downloads.

    Evilsons Hosts their ep from 2002 for free. Click on "Sounds". This Ep is in english although the band is Finnish, and is quite good.
    Sadly, this EP is sold out but you can download the songs and the cover images below and make your own copy...
    This Page Hosts quite a few albums for free. Click on "Free Mp3s". I have yet to hear any of these albums.

    Go Kart Records Hosts 6 full mp3 albums for free. Click on them on the left hand side. All of these albums are rockin. Check them out.
    We at Go-Kart Records want to make it perfectly clear that the RIAA does not represent the views of all record labels.
    We feel that only by embracing technology can we gain from it, and that a battle like the one that the RIAA is fighting can simply not be won.
    Angels Heart Offers their album for free. Click on MP3's on the right. It wil ask you for some friend's email addresses.
    Either enter some, or just put some fake ones like [email protected]. Either way, it wil llet you download the songs. This band is quite a good band, check them out.
    Okay. Here's the deal. We are giving our mp3's away for FREE. That's right. Not one or two but all of them. Yes we spent a lot of time on this record. Yes it cost a lot of money to produce, record, mix, and master. Then why? Because we think music should be free.
    This Page Offers a free Latvia punk/hardcore/ska online sampler/cd. I'm not sure how good this is, i have yet to hear it. EDIT: I just started downloading these files, and all the songs are high quality 320 kbps mp3s
    Here you can download free 22 songs by 12 various latvian hardcore/punk/ska bands, burn them to cd and print out covers, to create your own D.I.Y. copy of "HC.LV Compilation of latvian hc/punk/ska music". has 199 mp3's to download on their site. All of the releases hosted are bootlegs. most are 128, but some higher. Check them out.
    We currently have 223 mp3s available to download, as seen below. We will not put up any official OPIV releases for download - all the mp3s below are from bootleg releases. Click on the record's title to view the tracks listing. Mp3s from Downfall's unreleased Get Ready for Action demo, and a couple of Basic Radio tracks, are seen at the bottom of the page.
    This Site Offers the album by Midget Fan Club called A Total Nightmare. All i can say about this cd is it kicks major ass.
    "With this record we tried to mix the sounds of new school punk with the old 70's progressive sound of bands like Pink Floyd, Manfred Mann, and The Steve Miller Band.
    Renfield 13 Offers clips of songs from their new album. They are calling this a 'demo' and it can be downloaded in a .zip file. They are a very good band.

    This Site Offers an album download of a Brazillian punk band, so im told they are anyways. Also has a live performance of them is hosted. Both are in .tar format.

    The Punk Hour Vol. 1 is an online sampler featuring punk bands like Anti-Flag and Ten Foot Pole. You can even print out sleeves and make your own cd.
    Below, you can see the fourteen tracks of the very first totally free of charge netsampler.
    Scary Kids Scaring Kids Hosts their "After Dark" Ep for Free.

    That concludes my list of free album download sites. If you have any now or find any in the future, post them here.


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    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    i havent checked back here for a while, thank for that one...wha ttype of music is it??

    *i jsut found this i have no clue wha type of music it is

    [ We will be posting tracks from our upcoming Album soon. ]

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    14 just make sure you got a popup killer

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    Originally posted by MajorTom@1 December 2003 - 19:40 just make sure you got a popup killer
    you have to download a "anti-leech" program before.
    i dont trust it.

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    That's only if u don't have java anti-leech isn't nothing just download it and download what u want. Or if u have java use tha java applet.

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    anti-leech is very safe, dont worry bout it, its just a nifty security program that can be integrated into internet explorer or any browser that lets you download files at your disposal. its just so other sites dont jack their files

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    simplemp3 downlaods arent working. i installed the anti-leech program no luck :-(

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    Seems some people don't want you to download the latest offspring album splinter. If you try, you will get the same 10secs of the same song under different names. Download the full album at The Offspring Russian Network

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