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    I downloaded an album from Bittorrent, since my stupid "friend" stole it and moved. It came with a file that was a sfv. What are they?

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    sucks to be you

    a .sfv file is created after an album is ripped. it is made to chow the file names and crc info. you can use it afterwards to check if the crc is all good n well. correct me if im wrong here someone...

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    google sfv files and see if you get it, pretty sure its to check winrar files to see if their corrupt

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    no man it isnt that i know for sure. a .sv comes with every good scene rip wether its a .tar .rar or .zip. you can make these files when you rip a cd, i have done it before.

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    .SFV stands for Simple File Verification. Basically, a SFV file should be included in all rips so that you can check the mp3s after you download them. You CANNOT tell with your ears if an mp3 is corrupt. I use EasySFV creator, and SimpleSFV. Both work wonderfully and are very easy to use. Once you have one of those progies installed, you double click on the SFV, and the program will check each file for completion based on exact size. I believe CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Checker, a format which is extremely hard to fake. All files should CRC 100%, if they don't, delete 'em, and redownload them. Do not burn corrupted mp3s.
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