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Thread: Astraweb and blocknews - UseNetServer or blocknews ???

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    and here I use UseNetServer (blocknews as a backup server)

    I have however a lot of incomplete levels xbox 360, wii, ds, and the HBO series because DMCA and therefore my block suffers the costs

    it would be better that I resign and I take UseNetServer unlimited Astraweb has instead

    Astraweb and blocknews?
    UseNetServer and blocknews?

    thank you
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    astraweb $11 + blocknews

    If you speed is not very high (less than 50 mbit) than you could give a try to

    usenetnow+ astraweb block account

    also you should probably check stuff before downloading(at least first 10+ files) via nzb download checker
    and try to search for stuff via mysterbin using archive names not headers since there are quite a few games posted just under their short scene archive names
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    thank you I'll see next month for Astraweb
    the upload is not a problem at Astraweb?

    usenetnow well as unlimited backup but not too disappointed with the flow

    thank you
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    you can upload all you want on astraweb

    but not too disappointed with the flow
    i didnt quite get that

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    unsteady flow

    I use because I'm French

    no worries for the upload?

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    Supernews blocknews and no better than Astraweb and blocknews ?

    thank you

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    if you are a fan of console games, tv series then AW+BN is better because there are shitload of console games taken down completely on SN.This in turn will make your backup blocknews account expire much faster.

    Anyways, your server setup should include xsusenet as well as a backup server . it is free.

    If you dont plan on downloading lots of material past 650 days then you could go for just any of these two providers + a free xsusenet backup.. though since xsusenet speed is limited to ~1mbit youll have to wait for a long time to get something, that was taken down completely on SN, downloaded from xsusenet.

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    I agree with Hypatia, the best thing for any game fan would be to dump UsenetServer (or any other Highwinds-based provider) and get Astraweb or UsenetNow as their primary provider. (and Supernews is reportedly just as bad as UsenetServer for games)


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