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Thread: Shit I Messed Up My Com Big Time

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    im beting its a boot virus that an awfull small partision but i leve this in ur cappable hands Nobody1234

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    Well, we have not heard from Soul814 in over 45 minutes now. What's up with that?

    I will be back in a bit...

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    ooo sorry for not responding... I want to really thank everyone for helping me... I ended up getting my cousin to come up... he attached my drive as a slave in my mothers computer and it worked perfectly fine... i ended up reformating my drive. Now i just have to figure out how to install windows. This is going to be a long tiring process. I wish i could help everyone else that has this problem since i was searching google and there was alot of forums w/ this problem. No one ever resolved this problem. They just ended up buying a new computer when they could fix their computer.

    I think my computer is fixed since i got it formated. Now i just have to figure out how to reinstall windows. Im not that good with it. ... but...


    ummm i couldnt get names of ppl who helped me out alot...
    but thankz 2 these ppl


    i just took this list off of the "Who posted in:" list

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    Don't leave me waiting like that again without saying something.

    Well if you want to install windows you need to boot with the windows 98 startup diskette.
    Your harddisk needs to have an active primary DOS partition. (you can see that using fdisk)
    The partition needs to be formatted. (use format c
    ------Since you say yours is already formatted you can start here.
    Boot your computer with the Win98 startup diskette. (choose with cdrom support)
    Insert the Windows98 cd in the cd drive.
    At the prompt type d:setup and press enter to launch the setup. (where 'd' is the cdrom drive...Varies with different setups)

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    heh thanks nobody and sorry for leaving you hanging... my cousin had just walked in and he told me to shut the computer and tell him what was wrong. Now it's isntalling... don't know if i'm going to have anymore problems afterwards... heh it was E:/ i tried D:/ and that was just the startup disk... i guess it was a tempory drive... i don't know. Soon I'm going to have to take and hour and reconfigure my whole computer... well reinstall / fix up the hardware... / plug in everything / close up the tower and put the drives back in their right ful spots...

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    ahh.... damn!... during my reinstall of windows 98se... i got several errors... is this a good sigh...... nooooooooooooo there goes my 1hr of waitin for the setups.... i shall try again.... stay tune for more news

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    now this will be my third attempt to reinstall....

    second attempt was a failure.... it was doing sumding w/ the registry n the whole computer froze.. i just got pass the system scandisk.... sigh... maybe this will take anotehr day...

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    nooo im getting errors this is not good...

    pic number 35 n beyond are the errors... n im so close to fixing my computer!

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    Doesn't look good, dude. Maybe it is the CMOS battery. One other thing you could try is a new IDE cable - they go bad sometimes.

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    if youve formatted and still having problems im starting to think maybe youve got a hardware issue somewhere.

    if you can find out the maker of your hard drive you can go to their website and download a diagnostic program to test the hard drive.

    i had almost the same exact problems your having dude and after what seemed like forever i found out my hard drive was bad.

    oh before you try all that does your hard drive support S.M.A.R.T.?
    if so enable it and see if it tells you if anything is wrong with your hard drive.

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