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Thread: Lcd Vs Crt

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    Yes Yes, ur thinking. WHY THE FUCK DIDN"T THIS N00B POST THIS IN HARDWARE WORLD, well cuz i thought more gaming people would see it here anyways here it is:

    Now we know that crt's have a faster refresh rate (whatever that is) than lcd's, so is that precious little .000001 second needed so much, that u would rather have crt than lcd? What do u think? I currently using my 5 year old CRT (LOL my lcd burned out or something). What do u guys think? CRT or LCD? For gaming mostly

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    y dident you post this in HARDWARE WORLD!


    Edit i go whit CRT

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    It depends on the specs of the monitor and the brand. I have a $1200 21 inch Sony Trinitron CTR monitor and then in my room I have a $700 19 inch Samsung TFT LCD. The lcd is at a refresh rate of 75 hrz. The quality is good. There isn't any ghosting or messed up pixels. It's smaller and doesn't generate any heat. There isn't any problems with really dark colors and really bright colors. Though it really just depends on what you prefer. The only difference I can tell between the two monitors of mine is that the CRT has a bit crisper, brighter image, but that's about it.

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    crt is better. like that dude said. crispier graphics. but i'm getting a 17' lcd the day after thanksgiving cuz the crt i use now is fucked up

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    i like lcd, i hate carrying my crt to lans, it always gets banged around, and im afriad of dropping it.

    the thing with lcd's is the MS thingy, some have an ms of like 16ms wich means its 0.016 seconds before the cursor moves on the screen after youve moved your mouse on the desk. its not much, but it can get anoying, some lan center i go to has got only 17" lcd's and i think the ms is about 25 or something, wich is extremly HIGH, it can get anoying on games.

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    If you can tell the difference between 0.016 and 0.025 seconds, or even notice that fraction of time... I... I don't know. I'll kill you for your eyes, or something.

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    CRT... I was playing on my friends 19" Flatron LCD Monitor... There are transperant trails when you play and it hurts your eyes like a bitch.

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