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Thread: Nfsu

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    well im sure i am,
    any1 out ther whit the same opinion as me? this game roxxxx

    here are some screens for the ones who dont know this game already

    [IMG[[/IMG] <-- when i saw that video i was like

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    Apr 2003
    i would but i just dont have the resources at this time. this game deserves the money but i&#39;ll have to wait till i get money. at thie game is farther down my list, Manhunt is what im looking forward to.

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    the patches for street legal redline are out now so it should have a car engine (no, the other type ) like the first. If it does it will give underground a good run for its money. ive gotta re-install but ill report back in a few days.

    for those of you that dont dont know. street legal is a low budget street racing car sim, one of the most realistic games ive played but it does look like it was made on a shoestring


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