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Thread: Diamond Xtreme 5.1 no midi

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    I Wasn't sure which section to put this in . My onboard sound quit working so i bought this DXtreme sound card model number XS51 . It doesn't seem to have midi available . I've tried many ''fixes'' and patches but still no midi . I'm really aggravated with it . I have an Emachines w3400 with 1gb ram and a Geforce 9400gt video card if that matters .

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    It should show up in your DAW when you go into midi settings and select it over say microsofts or midi mapping no? Typically a midi program has to be setup to use which ever software/hardware you choose. If the Diamond midi dosen't show up as a choice, I would check the Diamond website for faqs or knowledge base or even their forum for answers. You can't be the only one experiencing this and I would guess there is maybe one person with your card here and they do not use it for midi so your answer would be faster on Diamonds site.


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