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    Every Guitar Players Hell is here!

    Just got the pictures from the hospital, uploaded to chinkii and here they are:

    So, heres the story:

    24.10.-03 i was at the work,evening-shift from 15:30 - 23:30, we was moving these frosen packets of fish,
    about a 9kg per box, throwing it on the shell.
    It was a hassle as usual and i wasnt probably "100% awake" and left my finger between the metal case and the fish-box (frosen fish is REALLY hard). It did hurt alot and i thought its nothing and kept working bout a 3 hours still before i thought that it has to be majorly fucked as the pain didnt go away as
    usual... (been a macho has something to do with it, perhaps...)
    I went home, took some painkillers, cursed the job to Hell and took a nap.
    Went to hospital the next day cuz getting a doctor at the evening can be difficult, expensive and another hassle, and i wasnt bleeding to death.
    Doctor send me to another town 60km away as we dont have X-ray machines in this lil' town.
    I had to wait 1 hour before they took the X-r's and another 3 hours as there was 2 guys
    before me getting the doctor (they needed Doc more and i did, bleeding and all..)
    Then later at the evening i got to talk to a nurse who wrapped the finger in some
    sorta metal-bandage-thingie and told me to keep it on for couple of weeks.
    The doctor has said to the nurse that there's not much to do with it, its nice and clean cut and not bleeding inside etc. ---> Time will heal it.
    I still have it on and does not help my typing at all
    Diagnose was pretty simple, takes about a 4 to 6 weeks to heal, and as it was
    an accident in work, i dont have to pay anything to doctors etc. and i'm getting
    money from wellfare (or whatever its called).

    Ok, i have to admit that i had a lot of luck with the accident --> i did not crush the joint (my medical-english is somewhat retarded) and i have a good chance that
    it will heal to 100% condition. I got a buddy who plays guitar and did damage his hand pretty bad,
    had to have surgery and all, the biggest problem was the joints in the finger, and the nerves, they never did heal to 100% and he is still pretty pissed about it,
    i can understand that...

    I've had to cancel 3 concerts allready, got more concerts coming up next month that im
    hoping to be able to do. 5 concert for this Norwegian Opera singer ěystein Wiik, christmas-stuff, and
    i'll get nicely paid for it too, about 200$ per gig.
    Got the sheets allready and all, just waiting the finger to heal.

    I can feel the finger getting sort of weaker and such which means that i need to do
    some serious practising when i can start playing again, i want the finger to
    work 100% again.

    For the ppl (beloved buddys) in SoulSeek and this board,
    you guys probably have noticed that i havent been so "social" lately (hahhah)
    and that cuz of my computer, or the network im having here is not working right.
    While making this thread i've dropped off the net twice allready, and i dunno exactly why that happens.
    I suspect its my ISP ans the fact that we got like 6 PC's hooked on LAN here, maybe they decided to cut our traffic a bit, or maybe my PC is just messed up;
    been running XP Pro over a year without ReInstall and thats my personal record on any OS.
    Saying XP sucks just doesnt add up, im pretty happy with it compared to -98 which i had to ReInstall every 3 months or so... lol
    Well, i know i should ReInstall XP to his PC jsut to check if it helps but that reguires
    back ups of my mail settings and all that, and that sounds like helluva lot to work for me atm... (lazy, yes i am)

    So, its no point for me to hang out in SS if ppl wants to DL stuff from me and i have to
    hang out there just to keep this PC online all the time.
    "I'll be back" on SS when i get this PC working properly.

    OK, this is a lot to read so im gonna quit this now,

    Cheers for ya all and see you soon:

    ps. FC, i'll send the pic one of these days...
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    Guitar Players Hell is right!
    I used to have nightmares about losing my finger(s)
    and not being able to play for awhile can get ya down.

    Best of wishes to getting that ring finger back to your axe!

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    *CrumbCat wishes Guitar-Slinger a full and speedy recovery.

    One question - Were you wearing gloves?

    Be well, my friend,



    Have you ever heard of Phil Keaggy? He really is a 9-finger guitarist - and an incredible one at that!

    "1955 The Waterpump
    As four year old Phil is climbing on a wooden waterpump to get a drink on his parents' farm, the base breaks and sends the pump crashing down on PHil's right hand, causing him to lose his right middle finger."

    From AMG:

    Phil Keaggy is an excellent all-around guitarist who has been a part of the CCM scene for over two decades. Born and raised in Ohio in a Catholic family of ten, Keaggy always loved music and spent hours listening to such singers as Johnny Ray and Elvis Presley. He began imitating the latter as young as age four. Keaggy was also exposed to other kinds of music and became well versed in classical. His first guitar was a late-'50s Gretsch Anniversary model; at age ten his father bought him a Sears Silvertone, and by the end of fifth grade, he was playing in front of his entire school. Three years later, Keaggy was playing professionally with the Squires. He and his longtime friend, drummer John Sferra, founded Glass Harp in the late '60s when he was in the eleventh grade. They soon became known as one of the most innovative power trios around, even though they were never together long enough to break through commercially. They had a contract with Decca, toured the country several times, and had a growing base of devoted fans, many of whom were knocked out by Keaggy's lightning-fast guitar riffs and experimental sounds. At their pinnacle, Glass Harp was opening for such major acts as Iron Butterfly, Yes, Traffic and Chicago.
    It was a lot of fame to be heaped upon such young musicians, and it being the late '60s, Keaggy was exposed to and partook of his share of drugs. His life changed dramatically on February 14, 1970. While lying in a hotel room suffering from a bad LSD trip, his parents were involved in a head-on auto crash back in Ohio. His mother died soon afterward, and this spawned a crisis for Keaggy that led to his becoming a born-again Christian. In the early '70s, Keaggy took to testifying before bewildered Glass Harp listeners after their concerts.

    He left Glass Harp in 1972 and the following year recorded his first solo album, What a Day. He then spent many years working with a Christian fellowship and married. Since then, Keaggy has released well over a dozen albums earning critical acclaim for both his virtuosity on guitar and his songwriting, which ranges from the Beatlesque pop of Sunday's Child to more subtle intrumentals. He occasionally gets back together with the other members of Glass Harp for reunion concerts, and in 1998 he returned to the Word/Epic stable with a self-titled LP. Majesty and Wonder.

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    best wishes, GS.
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    wish you luck GS

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    Well... since everyone is hoping for a speedy recovery... I will do the same, although, right after you sent me the link here yesterday to look at the pics... I sent a reply but you were offline already.... so Slinger...

    GET BETTER FAST MAN.. and yes the caps are necessary dammit
    "Maybe this world is another planet's Hell." - Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

    "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
    - Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

    "Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes
    and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000
    vaccuum tubes and perhaps weigh 1.5 tons."

    - Unknown

    "The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting."
    - Gloria Leonard

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    Thank you for your kind words.

    @ Teh Cat: I found some other storys about players with ca.10 fingers. (Timburs on Guitars )

    Here's i lil' quote about Tomi Iommi:
    ... Iommi's musical career was nearly derailed prematurely when he suffered a horrible accident at a sheet metal factory, when a machine sliced off the tips of the fingers on his right hand. Depressed and figuring that his guitar playing days were behind him, a friend turned him onto gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt (who lost use of two fingers in a Gypsy caravan campfire accident), inspiring Iommi to give the six-string another go, with soft plastic tips attached to the ends of his fingers. Shortly thereafter.... ---> Source
    Tomi Iommi plays in Blach Sabbath (Paranoid and all That) and any guitarist knows
    who Django Reinhardt was/is, or atleast, they should know.

    There is probably more stories that these about circa-10-finger-players but these two
    examples came to my mind now. I have to take a closer look on Phil Keaggy, seems interesting.

    @ lilmiss,

    Thank you , I always been wondering this: (bit offtopic, lookin at your sig)
    I got allergy, (dont know is that the way to express it) but put it in simple context, i wont have
    any flowers in my flat cuz i get runny nose and problems with me eyes and all that.
    No, it's not really bad like asthma but i got trouble sleeping etc. specially if someone in neighbourhood moves the lawn i better stay indoors.
    So, is my future as a PotHead in ruins if I choose to be one? he he,
    I cant have homegrown whatsoever etc...
    Im merely kidding here. If i need to have a Piece Pipe, its not a problem, except the legal matters.
    Personally the Green-Stuff dont make me play any better, its like taking beers,
    im playing slobby if i smoke. But it does make one "hear" or "listen" the music differently thus some weird ideas/tunes pops in da head.

    @ Adster, Thank you for spell-checkin' and your kind kind words, Sir.

    @ MM, im hoping to be at full-slinging-condition in about a month or two, my injury
    wasnt really that bad, i had a pile of luck , got the smack on the tip of the finger,
    the joint(s) survived, i've heard horror-storys from friends with those injuries and they was creepy, in a Guitar-Slinger-Point-Of-View.

    Thinkin' bout ComputerFreak, he had his leg majorly fucked up and it will
    probably take a loooong time before he is "up'n'running".

    As i nice gesture, i have proposed to swap X-Ray pics with him, seems like a new habit amongst fellow p2p-ppl. (Hope you get though the pain and get well buddy)...

    Anyways, im having extremely lazy days, watching movies, listening music, playing games like AAO, yeah right, moving to the left ingame is a problem,
    pressing the A-key ends up pressing +2 keys around it (the bandage) , but, like a drug-addict i have tremendous need
    to play guitar but i wont risk a thing before it is healed, this is matter that normally ppl
    wouldnt be so fussy about it (like me) but it does make a huge different on the quality of my life.

    -GS- (or -9F- if i must be funny)
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    Damn GS, i hope that finger will heal soon.

    Sorry for my late reaction, but it's been hell these last days.
    With work and all..
    Hope to see you back soon on SS.

    Cheers mate and all the best!


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