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Thread: Enterprise = Degeneration?

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    Unfortunately I just saw enterprise 3.9 North Star. The Wild West crap was really agonizing!

    I had my hopes up with the zindi intrigue - but why are they not developing it??????

    The story in the episodes begins and ends in each episode with almost no connection to the meta story, i.e. the zindi intrigue.

    I find this to be a creative degeneration!!!!!!!!!

    What happened to the days of Babylon 5 when the story arched 5(&#33 seasons???????

    There is no artistic or creative touch to this. It is just pure commercialism from the filmmakers!

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    mmmmmm im gonna watch 3x9 north star 2nite, but i know its gonna b 1 of thoughs boaring episodies enterprise is aright but there seems 2 be more crap episodies than entresting 1's . i don't no if i can take another 4.5 seasons of it.. but u no deep down in side u love it and u will watch every single episode untill it finishes

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    which enterprise?
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    Yeh, you get the distinct feeling of that the "loose" episodes have nothing to do with the story, and all to do with filling out the gaps in the meta story....

    Why Farscape got closed down while enterprise keeps on playing is truly beyond me!

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    I have kept up with Enterprise, it appeals to me somehow, I think its because its the first series that I have been able to watch from the start and keep up-to-date with, rather than others like voyager and next generation where I have seen loads but in a random order, as they were shown on different channels on tv.

    I think Enterprise has done really well in making some things that happen in the future more understandable, and they have a good road to go down - time travel and the threat to Earth, they just need to develop it, they are doing it slowly, with going into the expanse, I can see Enterprise lasting for some time yet.

    But my opinion could change in a bit, as Im just about to watch North Star!

    Oh and Farscape...I really started getting a feel for that until they shunted it. That goes for Firefly too!
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    All trekkers must face the truth someday... Star Trek died shortly aftre Gene Roddenberry did...

    As for Farscape, it was the only sci-fi series that got me interrested in years! I wanna know what happens to John and Aeryn, DAMMIT!!!

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    Don't dispair!

    Rumor says a mini series of farscape is soon in production.

    This is not thanks to sci fi channels efforts, it is despite sci fi channel!!!!!

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    im a trekkie, so im sorry, but i like enterprise... its different, maybe thats why ...

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    What really piss's me off is in the UK they play the first 2 series of say voyager and then never buy the rights to the rest of it. I have watched series 1-3 of voyager and now I wanna see the other series and it would take too long to download them all and as for buying it. you have to admit the box sets are at rediculous price's

    Enterprise tho i have been watching and it aint that bad however the supporting cast is not that interesting. especially the doctor now what the fuck is that and where did it come from ?


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