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Thread: Good security extensions for opera

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    Any opera user out there ?

    I have try IE , Firefox , Chrome , Safari but i seem to like opera better

    Just wondering if there is any good security extensions i can install

    Like for firefox there is adblock plus , notscript etc

    Any suggestion will be great
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    Adsweep, NotScripts, Ghostery...

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    opera is good for security purpose

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    Quote Originally Posted by ankitabc View Post
    opera is good for security purpose
    Thanks for the insight. Sadly, it's 1. closed source and 2. a late newcomer to the whole extensibility stuff, so it will probably never have the variety and quality of addons e.g. Firefox has. NotScripts for Opera doesn't like private tabs, hasn't been updated in a long time, for example...

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    Redirect to HTTPS, NoAds Advanced
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    Don't forget to set Visited Links State to 0.

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    1,017 - heres another content/script extension for opera, they should have kept the windows native theme though imho.


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