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Thread: 1st Pakistani Torrent Website

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    What will happen when Pakistan breaks down politically into multiple countries? Will this site only cater to the new Pakistan?

    Oh, the answers we'll never know!
    Ellipses go here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drcode View Post
    Spoiler: Show
    Otrhodox jewish are as insane as extremist muslims and fundamentalist christians you deserve each other. And what are trying to do by showing me this videos, bore me to death. And yeah porn is so bad, but mutilating your newborn child is good.
    I will have my coup d'etat
    I will start a riot
    I will hold your burning flag in my hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by drcode View Post
    What right do you have to call me a troll when I am protesting against the INDECENCY of P*rnography ?

    What right do you have to confuse JEW with ZION ?

    Protocols is an AUTHENTIC ZIONIST production and the Rabbis of Neturei Karta and many others knew long time ago that ZION is the enemy of the Jewish people.

    I can show you many videos. The ORTHODOX Jews are in DEEP SOLIDARITY with the RELIGIOUS people of Iranian and Pakistanian. We know that the ZIONISTS are trying to FEED all the religious people the POISON of P*RNOgraphy.

    If you wanna share P*RNOGRAPHY with your parents, its fine. But dont you feed it to the KOSHER people of the Judah and the Halal people of Pakistanian and Iranian. I know very well there is a DEEP MOSSAD operation and conspiracy with others to KILL the FAMILY system of Pakistanian and IRanian and the KOSHER people of the TORAH. The followers of TORAH detest IDOLATORY and for this reason the HINDU and ZIONIST are together. Why else would they invest so much money to set up in the internet BAITING infrastructure to spread the FILTHY and POISONOUS CYANIDE of P*RNOGRAPY.

    The Pakistanian Islamic culture is very much similar to the Jewish Orthodox Religious culture. It is certainly distinct from the G-d less Zionist culture. I understand that there is are criminal agents of Zionists who are operating to destroy the religion, the belief in G-d from THE INSIDE by the SPREAD of PORNOGRAPHY. Be careful, that it is ILLEGAL in many judisdictions and to EXPOSE the minors and even the ADULTS to pornography is CRIMINAL. With the BAIT of EBOOKS and SUCH, you CANNOT Feed them PORNOGRAPHY. I myself as an ORTHODOX JEW shall consider it very OFFENSIVE and take action if it is fed to my PAKISTANIAN friends. Their HONOR may STIR or not depends on their own, but a JEW is a STRONG JEW.

    You keep your pornography and filthy language to yourself and to your eyes and ears. Dont force it on others. It is poison and bait like the drugs. There are many adults here who are NOT married, or seriously into ebooks and academics and DONT WANT distractions.

    The Orthodox Jewish society and Pakistanian society is very family oriented. There is strict structures.

    "Deliverance comes by consulting many advisors" - Mentorship in the
    Satmar Jewish community

    Spirituality in the Jewish Community

    Learning Never Ends

    ויז'ניץ - שמחת בית השואבה תש"ע - יעקב

    Singing with enthusiasm the Tune "you thirsty soul" taught by the
    Lubavitcher Rebbe.
    ויז'ניץ שרים צמאה לך נפשי של ליובאוויטש

    Pornography is being spread by zionists to KILL religion. Its clearest expression is on this site.

    They were NOT written by the Orthodox Jews, but were written by ANTI-TORAH, ANTI-Jews and the ZIONISTS as they are the PROTOCOLS of the ZIONISTS.

    I urge every Orthodox Jew and every Pakistanian to use them as A VERY POWERFUL ANTIDOTE against the POISON of PORNOGRAPHY.
    You are not more JEW than I AM. I am the TRUE TORAH JEW.

    The stench of P*RN is causing me to throw up. You keep the stench away from the KOSHER ORTHODOX JEWISH people and the HALAL PAKISTANIAN and IRANIAN people - and do not force on them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guess what?
    No one gives a flying fuck about whatever the fuck you just wrote.
    Do yourself a favor and crawl back into the hole you crawled out of. FST isn't a place for (fanatical) douche bags like you.. and we'd rather watch some porn than watch two dumb twats like yourself fight on the boards about something so pointless.
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    New Pakistani Torrent Site
    you people can download and New PC games and softwares with ultra high speed.....this site has their owns games repacks i think u people knows about repacks
    PC every game in repack very small size

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zohaib View Post
    New Pakistani Torrent Site
    you people can download and New PC games and softwares with ultra high speed.....this site has their owns games repacks i think u people knows about repacks
    PC every game in repack very small size
    Shouldn't that be put in a thread called "2nd Pakistani Torrent Website"?
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