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Thread: Not Good News If You Live In The States.

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    taken from the bbc website this morning.

    US web 'pirates' could face jail

    Piracy can dent the takings of film studios
    Internet users who distribute movies and music ahead of their release dates could face up to five years in prison under a proposed US bill.
    Surreptitious videotaping of movies in cinemas would also be outlawed.

    The bill's sponsors said unauthorised copying costs film-makers an estimated $3bn (1.7bn) in lost sales.

    The Motion Picture Association of America has tried to restrict leaks by limiting the distribution of DVD previews to awards ceremony judges.

    Although it is already illegal to infringe copyright, the bill would make such activity easier to prosecute.

    Piracy is costing the film and music industry millions
    It would assume that anything posted online before its release date has been downloaded at least 10 times causing damages of at least $2,500 (1,400).

    Illegal copies of movies often end up being sold on street corners and made available through online networks such as Kazaa just after their official release.

    This is due to audience members smuggling camcorders into theatres and recording the film.

    Another form of piracy takes place when members of the movie industry post films online before their release date.

    Criminal offence

    If the bill becomes law, the maximum sentence for such practices will be five years plus financial damages charged to first offenders.

    Unauthorised videotaping in cinemas is currently a crime in four states and the District of Columbia but is legal in other states.

    California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is sponsoring the bill with Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, said there was "no legitimate purpose" for a person putting copyrighted material not legally available to the public online.

    The bill was hailed by lobbyists from the movie and recording industries.
    now that really sucks.

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    So that doesn't mean anything, people break the law everyday. There are ways of getting stuff through with out them nowing.

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    i know it doesnt mean much to most but i thought some might wish to know.

    i dont know the current laws or the sentance's they carry in the states but i can imagine that this is a big change.

    (dont take this as a "omg you must stop using p2p" post... some people just like to be kept informed).

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    so how do they know that yur downoading stuff off the network ?

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    so how do they know that yur downoading stuff off the network ? and what are the rules in the uk? as im a brit

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    it said if copyrighted material was being shared before its release date they would prosecute does this mean if the movie comes out then you put it on kazaa you dont get prosecuted??????????????/
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    fuk them we are the money pocket as long as we dont buy another cd or go to the theater to see a overrated movie that we dont want to pay fuk them if we all just keep making them lose money they have to see that were not goin to stop unless they bring prices down or put out a movie worth seeing they cant stop us there just be a new place to dl or a new bootleger out there just let them keep bitchen besides i dont see the problem with dl movies or music online its just like back in da day when ya boy had a hot tape and you wanted it to what u do them borrow it and dubb it and boom 2 people got it for the price of 1 why is it so illegal to let someone borrow and make a free copy for there self as long as your not getting a fee when u do it u straight boohoo for them they lost cause they made crap all they need to do is make something worth buying and this is coming from a person whos trying to make a movie i say if it aint worth seeing or hearing to go buy then dl for free peace

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    i agree if they did ower prices an music and movies etc then alot ore people would buy them. dvd's have come down a lot over the years but they are still only a disk that cost them bugger all to make really and are making a lot of money off them the video games are the worse as these are 40 pound plus and they can be evn worse in content were not asking for a 99% price drop but a reasonable prie would be nice
    by the way wot does the riaa stand for and what is it???

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    dont know what it stand for but it should be called ripping u off not the riaa what ever it is cry babys who cant put anything good out productions what they should be called


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