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Thread: Unfinished Torrents

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    is there any way of opening un-finished torrent downloads?

    for example,

    if i was downloading a zip file and could only get 95% of the download, is there any way of extracting that useful 95%? winrar/zip just sees the files as corrupt until the torrent has finished

    there must be some program that can read the data??

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    You can unpack it in winrar and select the option 'keep broken files'.

    That should leave at least some readable data. That only works in case the contents isn't an archive itself (zip, rar, iso, bin, etc.)
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    That's probably because u are still downloading it if u shut BT down then try opening it it might work. Or try using another app but I wouldn't recommend doing this anyway because that other 5% might be needed.

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    That's incorrect. The files being in use by Bittorrent won't prevent them from being opened.
    They can't be deleted or edited, but opening isn't a problem.
    Although you might need to try my suggestion and of course completing the whole thing is of course best.
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