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Thread: Rock on Loud music

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    'Rocking out' to loud music in your car with the windows down.Whats about my this idea?will you...?
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    Will you what?

    Anyways, I find Skid Row really suitable for long distant driving. Other popular choices are AC/DC, Disturbed, Queens of the Stone Age, most of the 70's and 80's classic rock/metal will do the work.
    From the little more recent bands...umm...Hollywood Undead is pretty agressive, Rev Theory - Hell Yeah, Divide The Day - One Night Stand, Skillet. Avenged Sevenfold, H-blockx - The Power, System Of A Down, Scars on Broadway.

    Will update my post later, maybe...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanchan345 View Post
    'Rocking out' to loud music in your car with the windows down.Whats about my this idea?will you...?
    Fine if you happen to be the one doing it.Annoying as fuck if you are simply caught in the crossfire.
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    It maybe that cool to try that one but if you would like to be fully awake at night, loud and rock music will do !

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    I love to play loud and rock music when i go for ride ...

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    rock music

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    I had the *cough* pleasure *cough* of driving next to a kid with a cranked-up system last week. The kid was talking on his cell phone at the time. I'm 90% sure his speakers were on the outside of the car, and it was quieter (enough for him to talk) in his car than where I was stuck.

    As for music that deserves to be played loud, it's either anything from AC/DC or old Metallica.
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