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Thread: Max Payne2 Install Problem

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    I finally downloaded the two parts and when I installed the game it came upp with this error:CRC error. the c:/programfiles\rockstargames\max payne 2]MP2.English.ras doesn't match the setups .cab file.
    the medium where you're running the setup from maybe corrupted.

    I burned it to disk (it's a.bin) do I have to burn it agian? It did occur to me that the fil was larger than 700 mb, does that matter?

    anyways, I can skip this error by ignore but 1minute later I get a fatal one wich is saying that there was a transfer problem with a "main" file. when pressing ok the setup closes!!!

    I hate this kind of stuff!! working a month on the download (yes, it took me that long...) and then it's no good.

    can you guys help me out, please????

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    I extracted the files with WINISO and installed it from my HD,
    you should try that

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    im sorry i cant be much of help , but maybe u should try install it again froim the beginning.......... but u probably already tried many sorry dude i dont kno wat else to say take care

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    sounds like it got corrupt, try running the image you downloaded through cdmage, it will fix errors & you might be able to fix it without downloading it again, if you do I recommend bittorrent or emule


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