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    Hey everyone,

    I'm a fan of the anime Naruto, as I'm sure many of you are (if you don't know what im talking about, then I suggest taking a look at it). I have recently come across a slight dilemma. Our university ITS department has disabled the use of Kazaa, BitTorrent, or any similar p2p file-sharing utilities. I am hoping that someone here knows of a place that I can download the weekly episodes of Naruto (or possibly host them for me), so that I can keep up with the series. I would prefer Direct Download over FTP, since we do also have some issues connection to FTP sites. If someone could help out, I would greatly appreciate it, as would many, many of my friends here on campus. I have every episode up through #57, so would just need #58 for now. Please help!!!

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    PS - Sorry if this is the wrong board...looked to closest to what I was needing...

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    How can they stop what you use on your own computer?

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    It's not that they keep me from running the program...they have the proxy server and everything set up to not allow p2p connections...


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