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Thread: Anonymizer To Hide Your Ip...

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    can anyone tell me whether products like Anonymizer ( are effective at hiding your IP etc from people as RIAA, Mediaforce etc when using it with Kazaa? Read few strings re this but didn't see any definite conclusions?

    Also, if using proxies (or a few chained together) set in IE connection tab does this also affect Kazaa traffic?


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    RIAA can suck my ENGLISH cock.. We're safe, right?

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    We're not safe! :-)

    I'm in the UK and got an email from my ISP with an email attached from Mediaforce requesting they take action against me... which is why I'm looking in to as much saftey as possible! ISP threatened shutting down account if I dont stop and other possible action. :-(

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    i have no idea how to test if your ip addy is hidden if you use a proxy with kazaa.

    but i don't think it will hide your ip addy. have a search for the list of bad ip's and just block them.
    sorry i cannot remeber the link anyone remember it?

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    . Which ISP are you with?

    . What do you download and where from?

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    yup ... blocked all IP's ( .. manually added them in to zonalarm (what a pain&#33.

    I'm with NTL. Just using Kazaa and getting movies mainly.

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    Ok, so what IP's can I ban to be safe and how?

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    Flamingyob... check the linkI posted... that's the known bad ip's (check in the download area and you can get the list as a text file). Add these in to your firewall... depends on what firewall how to do this. With mine (Zonealarm) had to manually add the IP ranges in to the Blocked Zone.

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    I can't see how to do it, if anyone has Norton Personall Firewall 2003 can you tell me where to go, cheers...

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    I just looked into zone alarm and it's supposed to be the best, is that right?... I'm getting the new pro version now anyway.

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