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Thread: Anonymizer To Hide Your Ip...

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    u can hide ur IP in ZA (pro) ...go to main menu ..check out prefernces ..go to main page ..check the box which says ( hide my ip when applicable) or u also check the box sayin ( hide my last octet of IP)...hope it helped!...btw RIAA sucks a big TIME !!!!

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    whoa, im on NTL but im not running any firewalls to block people out because im not running on a network (except when i connect to kazaa)... is it worth getting one?

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    ok, i just got norton personal firewall 2003 - already set it to ignore all activity from kazaa after being bombarded with warnings

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    Just download PeerGuard, you can get it from that site you posted This will block all the IP addresses without you having to bother entering the lists into your firewall.

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    Sorry to bring up an old topic, but.... I'm just a bit unsure about all this!

    I mean, some of the things that have been said here are pretty heavy, and if they are true (letters from ISP's, etc) then I would have thought that this board would have had more talk on it. I am on NTL too, and I don't want any letters recommending legal action!

    I tried the link which is supposed to list Evil IP addresses (, but it seems to have been busted or something.When I tried searching Google to find an alternative list, I found a site called "Unite the Cows" which had a list on - but at the bottom there was a reply saying that loads of addresses in just the first so-called 'bad range' had loads of innocent IP's in it. I have put this a few good links that I found at the bottom

    I have found a few pointers anyway, and am getting a good list going in my Norton Internet Security settings box...

    ------- - contains IP's and info,00.htm - an interesting little article on why it should stop - a massive list of all kinds, not all useful but still very good - information, links to PeerGuardian & a few IP's

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