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Thread: Rammstein

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    ive been listening to rammstein alot lately i think there fuckin insane B) there sure alot heavier duty than any shit you would hear on the radio

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    Considering they're a german group they're quite ok.
    Not wanting to offend german people on this board but if there's one language in the world that turns me of,it's gotta be german.Maybe because they've got this bad habit of dubbing everything they show on tv that isn't spoken in german.
    It's just makes the characters sound very silly.
    Just giving my thought ofcourse.

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    I kinda like them, think they are nuts.
    But I studied French instead of German, so maybe im wrong.

    du, du hast me
    They can tak' oour lives, but they cannae tak' oour troousers!
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    yep i like em nice grindign soudn saw them live once

    only bad thing abotu em is same 4/4 beat all the time

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    rammstein is awesome! i love em
    i was born in germany, but live in canada now
    the best rammstein songs are:
    du hast
    feuer frei
    and mutter
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    Great band, seen them live twice now. I started listening to them about 6 years ago, you know its a great band when you still think so much for them, 6 years later.

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    They're OK with Me

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    Not bad.

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    Cool, Like The Way They Potray Themselves

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    They're good. Their cover of Kraftwerks 'Das Modell' is good.
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