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Thread: How To Resume Dl In Bt

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    Maybe this has been answered before but
    how do u resume a DL if ur not finished w/0
    having to find the same link on suprnova again?

    cause sometimes finding the exact link again can be a b*tch

    anyone know a link for halflife that has a good amount of seeds?
    I can't complete the dl cause my link has none and I'm at 89.4%

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    Well, to do it this time u will have to go back to suprnova and right-clik on the .torrent and the clik save targe as...... then save it to your comp then when u want to resume just open the torrent. Simple

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    There are some clients that automatically save the torrentfile when it's opened.
    Azureus has that option and I believe Burst now has that also.

    But Gre1 suggestion is the easiest and most effective
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