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Thread: What's your favorite game of all time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdaehak View Post
    Lineage 2 back in the day was the best game ever
    That it was!

    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Love Rocket League, even though it makes me RAGE and want to uninstall it at times...

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    The turning on the left
    3D monster maze, Monty on the run, radar rat race, so much crap but was great at the time

    Bounder and re-bounder, thing on a spring, download UAE and retro it up
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    Perfect Dark

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    Has to be World of Warcraft to me; such a huge immersive world. My first MMO, and blew me away back in the day.

    Other than that, Half-Life 1 was highly impressive as well.

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    Half Life 1 got me going...used to play team death match on dial up modems

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    Then you were a daredevil. Half-Life and its mods sucked over dial-up; the developers intentionally did most processing on the server (like the NetQuake of yore) to reduce the impact of cheating.

    Quake III Arena was a lot more playable and fun
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Populous and later Powermonger.

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    GTA San Andreas with the K-Rose station playing.

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    Mortal kombat ps1!!! ))


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