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    Hi there, forgive me for being new and nieve but I have read through the FAQ's and looked through the forum and still have a couple of questions I hope u can help me with.

    I have DVD rips whith are all as vob files etc on my hard drive and they are all about 4 Gb's in DVD format. I have seen that most DVD rips on Kazaa are only about 700MB - should I do anything with mine before putting in my share file - if I need to compress what is the best way to keep quality and keep universal.

    Secondly the dvd rips at 700MB are taking me on average up to 10 hours after following all instructions on download speeds. Does this sound average or extremely slow for a 500kb broadband connection?

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    You can compress them to avi, or any other format, you really don't have to do this before sharing, but it will make the files smaller. Which most ppl downloading would prefer.

    And when your downloading over P2P, sometimes it will be fast and other times it won't, depends on the speed of the users your getting the files from, and how many ppl are downloading off them. Sometimes you can get lucky, other times you don't.
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