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Thread: The Future Of Emulation

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    hey does anyone think ps2 or any other systems nowadays will be emulated like the nes, snes, genesis...where you will be able to download packs of all the games to play on a certain system...i'm sure they thought that it wasn't possible back then with only floppy disks to work with but what will the future bring with cds? will i be able to download 2820 playstation games or any system and play all games or is copyrighting gonna fuck it all up?

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    bob_the_alien's Avatar Bob The Alien
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    I'd say one day, you'll be able to get ROMs for new consoles just the way you can now for the older consoles. Systems get reverse engineered, copyrights get broken, and itís the way it works. Anything a company does to stop copyright violation is usually broken very shortly there afterward. Itís just a matter of time before you start seeing GC, x-box and ps2 emulation everywhere, but I think this will still be a while off for right now. For one reason, file sizes for the games are way too big.

    I love emulators though, DreamSnes, and NESDC are two of my favorite program, keeps my Dreamcast alive as well.
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    right on bob i thought about this after finishing getting a bunch of snes roms for my dc...i do hope the day will come where the larger filesized games will be able to be able to fit on a cd or whatever it's called in the future


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