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Thread: Create Your Dynamic Ip Now !

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    Create Your Dynamic IP now !!!

    ...and become a Kazaa-world travel guide for other users !!!

    How to do ?
    for example :

    go to

    create a free Dynamic IP , like I did :

    (port is 1214 for KaZaA, complete form :

    install the Dyn-Update Client and start it.

    Now with KaZaA / KaZaA-lite , KaZuperNodes and your Dynamic IP

    you will be able to guide KaZaA-Users around the world or simply get contact to your friends in KaZaA !

    Simply tell someone your Dynamic IP or post it here ! Perhaps add the country your actual SN is located.

    The Dynamic IP is no garanty that Users can find you , but it's a good way to reach your actual

    SuperNode (Position).

    Please try it and give us feedback , here or here : KaZuperNodes-Support

    With your support we all will be able to emerge on any Position on the planet within seconds.

    May the light be with you !

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    If you want to travel through the Pacific Ocean, come and join

    Jumping from Bandung to Kyoto, from Kyoto to Tokyo, Tokyo to Shangai, Shangai to Hawai, Hawai, to Sydney, Sydney to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Nagoya or Los Angeles...

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    Hi ketoprak

    Thanks for your help ! KaZaA-User's should learn how to travel.

    We could offer them a comfortable way. B)

    Im now here :

    Seoul , South-Korea

    before this position I was here :

    Shamokin, Pennsylvania, United States

    Don't know how long I will be able to stay in Korea. We will see...

    Hey KaZaA - Users try to follow me !

    Ketoprak : it seems you have discoverd the Philippines

    Right ?

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    id help.. but after registering i click add?.. its confusing filling that out anyone have a New York supernode?

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    Hi Mirai Trunks

    Im not at home now. In the evening (in ca 8-9 hours) i will, and

    I will be able to jump on one off the SN's in New York for you or Hawai if you like

    Thats easy with a good edited SN favorite list.

    I will write again here when I did the jump to New York...

    and then its easy for you to follow me...

    Perhaps ketoprak can help you faster then I ?

    BtW : Can you find me now ? Please tell we where I am , only the country / city !!! not the IP !!!

    Please find out my actual SN with KaZuperNodes and check out his localization !

    When you got the IP from my actual SN use thise fine site :

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    please still try to create a Dynamic IP

    Its easy ! Sign Up needs only your First Name: Last Name: Email:

    rest is optional.

    Only the email-adress should be real, to recive your registration info.

    When you registered , you can select one or more Dynamic IP's for your

    no-ip-client. But choose only the free one's !

    Dont forget downloading and install the clientsoftware.

    Using the client is also easy. It shows you if your DynIP is aktivated successful

    or not , and you can choose on of your registered DynIP's in a second.

    If you got problems , please ask me for more help ...

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    Hello folks,

    I've been in the Philippines all night long (actually it was day-time up there) & will move shortly, probably to Japan.

    Thanks for the info about the client. I didn't know there was one, it makes things much easier.

    Come & join! And post your dyn-ip here !

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    Join Date
    Jan 2003
    you shot who in the what now?
    <span style='color:red'>Eagle one, this is God in position.</span>

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    after 6 autosearchmores won&#39;t you jump out of the supernode you asked Kazupernode to connect? If thats true, which i&#39;ve been hearing in lots of places, then theres no point unless you disable autosearchmore.

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    Hi VanDiem and johnboy

    Let&#39;s test it &#33; Please help &#33;

    Perhaps its a question of the SuperNode-type, when we can stay on for hours or not.

    Its ca 4:25 here in Germany , Im now on a SuperNode located in Saint Louis, Missouri, US, which seems to be very fast and I hope "stable".
    AutoSearchMore is active.

    To stay on SN&#39;s for hour&#39;s is possible, also when the autosearch more function is active.
    I&#39;m not the only one who has seen that.
    But the Tool KaZuperNodes has nothing to do with it, because it can not force KaZaA to stay on a SN.

    Please if you got some time, try to observe my SN-position&#33; It might be interesting to see how it move&#39;s or stay&#39;s on.

    Perhaps you like to jump to my SN / SN&#39;s or write a little positions-protocol for this experiment.

    Now I go to bed, stand up @5:50 (german time) and be out of home for ca 10 hours.

    My KaZaA-Lite will be out of my control for this time and you can be his observer. Please try it , if you can &#33;

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