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Thread: Chaos Legion And Etherlords Ii

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    Iknow they're both on Suprnova, but Im only a 56ker and well...Id hate to have less than 1mb left to dl and everyone jet on me...also I know that they can be found with IRC but for some reason I get the "No such nick/channel" error EVRY time, so could anyone plz put eoither or both of these on Fasttrack? Thx!

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    I have Chaos Legion, for my PS2, it kicks ass.

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    Yeah, i know, i have both the demos for the pc, i just hope someone will put these on Fasttrack.

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    Ok, nevermind about Etherlords II, the local pirate shop had it for 2 bucks...however, they didnt have Chaos Legion so if anyone could throw this on Fasttrack, Id be grateful. Thx!

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    go to dereadworks
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    Whats Dereadworks? I tried going to and .net but both was a no page error...also there is nothing on google about dereadworks...

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    Ya I'm look for Chaos Legion full version pc game.

    I have the demo version of game for pc.

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    Chaos Legion so if anyone could
    Whats Dereadworks ? PMed you.


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