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Thread: Deleting The Undeletable

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    Open a Command Prompt window and leave it open. Close all open programs. Click Start, Run and enter TASKMGR.EXE Go to the Processes tab and End Process on Explorer.exe. Leave Task Manager open. Go back to the Command Prompt window and change to the directory the AVI (or other undeletable file) is located in. At the command prompt type DEL <filename> where <filename> is the file you wish to delete. Go back to Task Manager, click File, New Task and enter EXPLORER.EXE to restart the GUI shell. Close Task Manager.

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    also you can open up notepad/file/open
    select the file you wish to delete right click choose delete it should be gone.

    this has worked for me numerous times.

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    Nice tip

    Great for deleting trojans

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    but what about folders i tried that opening notepad etc. dident work for folders would the other way work?

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    good tip..but doesn&#39;t work for every file, but does for most
    ice ice baby

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    Ive got a nifty little prog that my bro gave me called KILL.exe. It works a dream and deletes (and totally wipes) any files you want that are in the same folder as the program. If anyone wants it PM me and i can send it to you.

    (PS. I know it sounds like a virus, but trust me its not&#33; )

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    or you could disable windows file protection. i guess this would help you.

    open regedit. goto:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE&#092;SOFTWARE&#092;Microsoft&#092;Windows NT&#092;CurrentVersion&#092;Winlogon
    and find key SFCDisable. change value (in hex) to 0xFFFFFF9D.

    this tweak is for win xp.

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    entering safe mode, is the best way

    or simply if your running any trojan cleaners

    like the cleaner, you can simply right click on tcative, and remove with that..

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    huh. i did it in dos. then i realized i forgot to turn off explorer.exe... but it worked anyway...

    (this is the file that i haven&#39;t been able to delete)


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    You can try cutting and pasting it into the recycle bin. It works for me.

    ahhhh... cutting and pasting... going back to kindergarten

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