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Thread: System Restore

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    If i do a system restore, what will i lose. Documents? Installed software/games. Saved games?

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    you will lose any programs/ windows updates that have been installed after the specific restore point, but not you documents etc.

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    this is what microsoft help n support says..........

    "System Restore does not cause you to lose your personal files or password. Items like documents, e-mail messages, browsing history, and the last specified password are saved when you revert to an earlier state with System Restore.

    System Restore protects your personal files by not restoring any files in the My Documents folder. It also does not restore any files that use common data file name extensions, such as .doc or .xls. If you're not sure whether your personal files use common data file name extensions, and you do not want the data files to be affected by System Restore, save them in the My Documents folder.

    If a program was installed after the restore point that you are restoring to was created, the program might be uninstalled as part of the restoration process. Data files that are created with the program are not lost. However, in order to open the files again, you must reinstall the associated program. "


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