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Thread: Terminator.3.rise.of.the.machines.ts.divx-pain.avi

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    Did anybody D/L-ed this file and also got stuck in the first frame????
    I analysed it with GSpot and it should be able to play... i have all the neccessary codecs (cc4 = DX50)... but noway josť
    I even d/l -ed a new VfW codec because Gspot spoke about a "unspecified VfW codec" that I didn't find in the codecs list. So i installed "On2 VP6 VfW 6.0 codec" but...
    Any1 a suggestion????
    btw...the audio seems ok and runs on and it turns out to be the real thing (yes it is T3&#33


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    if that doesn't work then nothing will

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    Nope that didn't work but thx anyway
    even tried VirtualDub MP3 freeze and the prog crashed on it.
    So I guess u might be right and maybe nothing will work

    anyway I won't throw away a d/l off +700megs yet
    maybe some1 else with suggestions???

    :-" :">

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    man , dude it's a divx file so you need to install divx codecs on ur computer

    go to and download the codec pack, install the pack and you should be able to watch the movie in windows media player

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    do yourself a favour & dont watch this utter pile of shit...... your better off not getting it working.

    (IMO..... ofcourse )

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    I know it is a DiVX file (DX50) and I have it installed (DiVX Bundle 5.02)...
    That's not the problem, dude! Thx anyway
    As I wrote before I analysed the file already... see above
    I'm still searching through though.. thx Wallace

    Maybe ppl with the same file and problem could be more helpfull!

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    I don`t now if this sounds a stupid response but have you tried to play it a divx player ?????

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    divx player sux...
    crashes frequently and is very slow

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    plzz read the forgoing threads and know what ur talking about
    I HAVE DiVX Bundle 5.02 installed (player included)
    and it runs fantastic and smoothly till I met T3 files (I now have a second one where the videoframe freezes after a few frames

    Besides the above mentioned file (699MB - 716.341kB) there's now another 1 named "Terminator 3.avi" (769MB - 788.168kB) that freezes after a few frames!! :'(

    Both are no fake files since I'm able to see freez shots when i analyse it with VirtualDub in preview and it can't detect any freezed frames
    Analysed it with Gspot too and I have all the necessery codecs
    What could be wrong with them??

    Any other ppl who d/led these files??( I know there r) Are the working for u?

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