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Thread: A New Virus Other Can Take Your Money

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    ok, I heard about to issues on virginradio on 18:03:

    ~ Bush arrives in two hours in London - some calm protests
    are being planned as well.

    ~ a new virus was discovered which appeard in a mail.
    the mail look like it came from your paypal account!!!
    the virus can probably take your bank account data
    and take your money!

    I post this because paypal is well known!

    ~nice dreams...

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    There are virii released every single day. BFD. Only the major ones are publicized.

    Don't everyone fret.

    Just don't open unknown email attachments. (the way the Paypal scam propagates)

    Update your anti-virus definitions. Run your AV software at least once a week.

    Run Wiindows update weekly.


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    i woke up this morning and found my paypal account is zero!!!!

    wait...wasn't it zero b4 ??

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    would be a good virus if you found your paypal account with
    1.000.000 dollar +

    this virus I would like

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    i have heard there are a lot of problems with paypal geez i try not to use it


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