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Thread: Vcd/dvd?

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    Does anyone know which format I am best off burning a film to disc with if i've dowloaded a 700MB avi dvd rip?

    Is there any difference in the quality I will get or will it be exactly the same as the original avi download?

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    For me I would say KVCD but that's a little complicated so just do a SVCD go to to learn how.

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    I second the svcd recommendation if the film you d/l is worth it and your dvd player can handle it. If not, vcd is fail-safe for most DVD players.

    I've been using cvd a lot nowadays. cvd is 1/2 DVD - 352x480. I can usually see differences in svcd vs vcd quality. I can't tell between a svcd and a cvd.
    The advantage of this format is that since cvd is part of the DVD hierarchy, you won't need to re-encode when burning later to a DVD disk. Or so I've read.

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    I'll try SVCD and see how I get on.

    Don't know if KVCD will work on my DVD player but might give it a try when I know what I'm doin - need to study those guides first!

    I take it there's not much point in burning onto a DVD disc then?


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