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Thread: Windows 2k Advanced Server On Dual Boot Problems!

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    Help installing win 2k Advanced Server for dual boot

    I am developing a dynamic web site which will run on 2 clustered windows 2000 advanced servers.

    I want to test this in the design enviroment on my machine which will require me to install windows 2000 advanced server as a dual boot with my existing windows xp pro setup.

    I have 2 hard disks, 1x 40GB disk which is partioned into 2 basic partitions, one partion being used for windows xp system files. The second hard disk is an 80GB with a formatted dynamic partition which is used for files - this is the disk I want to partition to allow for the install of 2k advanced server.

    How do I do this without deleting existing data? Also when trying to resize or create a new partition on the 80Gb disk it states "The selected disk contains one or more partitions that cannot be moved"

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    What program are you trying to create or move the partitions with? Most, if they detect server Operating systems or server file structure, won't touch it.
    PQ Volume manager should do what you want, it's designed for servers.
    Why wouldn't you install your win2k to the second partition of HDD-0 instead of messing with HDD-1 ? You won't be using both systems simultaneously in a dual boot environment and your OS and Files should be on separate physically drives anyway.
    XP and win2k on the first HDD (HDD-0) And your storage and site partitions on the second HDD (HDD-1). Then your OS is not slowed by storage disk activity.

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    I am using Partition Magic 8 - I will give that a go and post back.




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