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Thread: War Of The Ring..?

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    I have just finished downloading War of The Ring from Supernova and it has come as two files, one called CD1 and the other CD2.

    Cd 1 directory consists of 45 files called flt-wor1.001 through to flt-wor1.045. The extension of each file is a sequential number. Directory "CD2" consists of about 20 similar files. In each is an .sfv file also.

    The help file says to extract the archives and burn the iso with a burning program but what is the archive and what do I do with all these small files???

    Any help would be brilliant.


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    use winrar try to extract one of the files and you will find it extracts a bin and cue out of all the files for you.

    then just burn these.

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    how do u burn the files when they are over 700 mb? the disc i have are all up to 700 mb only

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    just burn it belive me it'll work... cd 2 is useless btw. Only cd 1 is essential.


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