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Thread: Binary Document

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    Hello i downloaded a moive and it was zipped, i then unzipped it to find two dir's CD1 and CD2. Within each dir was a whole bunch of zipped files. I then unzipped those files and with CD1 i eneded up with a file thats is a binary document??? How can i watch my movie???? Thanks

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    i'd guess video lan, even though i've never seen this question
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    you mean .BIN

    use VCDgear to extract the MPG out of the .BIN

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    Was your original file in .rar or .tar format? If so use Winrar to unpack it then you should end up with the two directories again, with CD1 and CD2 in many smaller files. Use Winrar&#39;s wizard to repack each CD seperately and you should have a result of 1 .bin file and a .cue file.

    Or if your thinking the .bin file is a binary document, it&#39;s actually a CD image file. Just use Nero to burn it to a CD by selecting the .cue file in image burning.

    Hope that helps

    lol, or do as {I}{K}{E} said and extract it&#33;

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    so if i burn it as that can i play it in my DVD player

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    Originally posted by downloadgeek@18 November 2003 - 23:31
    so if i burn it as that can i play it in my DVD player

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    I am having trouble with NERO, i goto VIDEOS/Pictures and add the .cue file and it says "no audio" "no video" please help&#33;

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    Its prolly corrupt...or you need a codec...try the kazaa lite codec pack

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    i have all the codecs, it is prob corrupt, i&#39;ll just get another version. Thanks all for helping

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