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Thread: Tvtool

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    ok, this is pissing me off, i got tvtool and the keygen, now every 15 min of tvtool it fucks up saying something wrong wit key..i included a few screeny

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    Not sure but email in the top picture are small the bottom as 4 caps and the password in the top as 20 x's (think) bottom only as 15 digits.

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    i know that, i just wanna know why it still kicks me out every there a tvtool alt?

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    Are you letting the program access the internet. Zone Alarm and Nortons Security (which i prefer) tell you if a program is trying to connect to a server VIA the internet.

    If you allow it to access the internet. it can report back to the developers that your serial is banned. and they can remotely disable your software.

    I had my MusicMatch "demoted" after months of the full version simply by letting it access the internet.

    NEVER let a program with a illegal serial number access the internet unless its necessary for the program to function properly.

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    i was guessing that was it, so what do i do?? do i get a firewall like zone alarm?

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    yes and den just block the access to internet from the firewall, by using the options there...

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    still needing help

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    i think i have an older version somwhere that works ok, do you want that

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    yes i would love that

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