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Thread: What Is A Bws, Bwi, And Bwt File?

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    i downloaded battlefield 1942 and i got a bunch of those files in the title. What do i do to get the game to run?

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    blind write, google for any questions or downloads

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    what do i do with them though? i found a faq but all it says is that they are files used to copy games or something.

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    You burn them with blindwrite, or mount them with virtual Deamon

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    i want to get these files so that i could actually play the game, do i burn, mount, or do both? i am an extreme noob

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    well if you want a physical copy, you burn it, if you just want to play it, mount it with daemon tools

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    ok i want to burn it with blindwrite and i got blindwrite. now what do i do?

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    if its finished downloading, and you have blind write installed, you should be able to double click the file
    otherwise open blindwrite and burn image

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    i tried and it says it wrote the image on the cd but when i look in the cd its still blank. also, it will on write bwt, not bws. what do i do?


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